Zomatos new Search features

How Zomato’s new Search features are making more customers order

Every minute, millions of people from across the country come to Zomato and search for their favorite dish, cuisine, or restaurant.

So every second, Zomato deals with people from different localities, looking for millions of unique dishes, with many dishes having various regional names, and restaurants offering variations of the same dish under similar brand names.

Too hard to read and understand in one go, isn’t it? (Hold your breath, it’s not finished yet!)

Over all those complexities, you expect Zomato to serve you accurate and personalized search results,

  • Curated to your location and liking,
  • After filtering and correcting spelling mistakes,
  • After understanding regional lingos for the dishes,

and all this must happen in a blink!

That’s why Zomato introduced some amazing additions to its Search tech 🙂

Here are the Top 5 features:

1. Auto-suggest tabs

You might like a particular restaurant for dining out, but prefer another restaurant when ordering the same food online. 

Now Zomato gives you an option to switch between Dinning or Delivery tabs in one click, allowing you to explore the best possible suggestions based on your intent.

2. Learn to Rank

Zomato uses this ML model to serve relevant search results based on the past popularity (by analyzing data like clicks, taps, and conversion) of restaurant dishes in a particular region.

Suppose, after you start typing ‘par’ in the search bar, you will see Paratha as a suggested result if you are in Delhi and Parotta if you are in Chennai.

3. The Autocorrect model

Humans make mistakes, especially when writing spelling!

The Autocorrect model identifies your typos or phonetic spelling errors and generates relevant recommendations based on how much the model is sure of your error. So even if you type Paniir Kofta, Zomato is smart enough to suggest results for Paneer Kofta.

We all love to call it Chai not Tea, Roti-Sabji not Bread-Vegetable Curry! 

Zomato knows this and introduced this feature that allows you to use your slang, phrases, or partial sentences in their native language in search. So feel free to search ‘chai & samosa near me,’ and you won’t be disappointed.

With Alexas and Siris becoming so smart, customers want to have that convenience of voice search. 

Now you can tap the mic button in the Search bar and speak what you want. Zomato’s speech recognition system will recognize your voice, convert it into text, and deliver relevant search results.

All these AI automation and recommendations features elevate the user experience on Zomato, helping customers find things quickly and easily, and increasing the chances of a search converting into an order.

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